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GP Shared Care

GP shared care is a model of care that allows you to have the majority of your appointments with your preferred GP who also has obstetric accreditation. Some antenatal appointments will still be held at the hospital you plan to birth at. GP shared care can be convenient for some women if their local accredited GP is closer to home or work than the hospital. Also, GPs often have more flexible appointments times (including late appointments and weekends) and they may have shorter waiting times than in the hospital with clinic midwives.

Choosing GP shared care means that you would have a level of continuity of care through pregnancy and after birth during postnatal check ups. Your GP usually wont come to hospital with you and your birth care would be provided by the clinic midwives of the hospital of your choice. Midwifery-led care does not exclude medical care – if at any time you require medical assistance, the midwives will be supported by the hospital’s interprofessional collaborative team of doctors and midwives. 

After the birth of your baby, and routine checks have been done, the midwives will help you get ready to move to the postnatal ward, where different midwives will take over your care. Your length of stay in hospital after birth will depend on your health and your baby’s health. If everyone is healthy you may be discharged the same day, or the next. If there is a health concern your stay maybe longer. If you already know that you don’t want to stay in the postnatal ward, make sure to tell your care providers during pregnancy, that they can support you in leaving early. The midwives from the hospital will usually visit you at home up to four to six weeks postpartum.

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